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What a great weekend at Revamped! The SuperFit competition couldn’t have gone any better and we are so thankful to have had so many awesome volunteers and judges. We wouldn’t have been able to do it without you guys. The judging was on point! So many great no reps! haha I am terrible. But really, you guys killed it and my equipment crew was crazy fast! All the heats were ready to rock and roll every event. The comp finished like 2 hours ahead of schedule with no hick ups throughout the day at all. From the bottom of my heart, thank you all so much.

The Revamped athletes did amazing as always and we are super proud of you guys. Your training and hard work shined bright and you all showed a lot of heart all day.

Tomorrow’s WOD (Simple and to the point!)

Back Squat 5×5 @ 80%


Heavy “Grace”

30 Clean & Jerks for time (185/115) C (155/95) (135/95) S

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What a great “Active Recovery” day we had at CFRV!! : ) Proud of you all, looked like it was a fun one. Great work at the Open skill work tonight too!

It’s Finally Friday so here we go:

Skill work:
:60 of work/:20 of rest (Alternate each minute until you complete 4 at each)
- Handstand walking (max distance) Scaled will do max wall runners
- Snatch technique complex (75/55) C&Rx (Bar only for scaled)
Complex will consist of:
1 Muscle Snatch at each position (Ground, above knee, hip)
1 Power Snatch at each position (Ground, above knee, hip)


For time: (rest will be included in your time)

21 Power Snatches (155/105) C (135/95) Rx (95/65) S
Run 200m
-Rest 1-
18 Hang Power Cleans (Same weight)
Run 200m
-Rest 1 min.-
15 Thrusters (same weight)
Run 200m

Time Cap: 12min.

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Howdy!! Hope you all had a great weekend. I know we saw a lot of you on Saturday at the Team WOD, which was a blast! Can’t wait for the week ahead. **It would be nice if we could get our Teams that are participating in the Capital Throwdown to register by the end of this week. If you are still unsure of your team, just message me. ***SuperFit Maryland is being hosted at our Box on September 6th!! We will be asking for volunteers and judges from our box and boxes in the area. So if you are interested in helping out and doing either that would be awesome. You can go to…. We have a few of you signed up to compete already but would love to have more of you. It will be great event with some awesome WOD’s. Especially those who haven’t competed before. There will be a scaled division and it is at your home box! Tomorrow’s WOD Strength: Complete 3 Rounds Max Reps in 1 min: Bench Press @ 60% of 1RM Dumbbell Thrusters (35/25) C&Rx (25/15) scaled Rest as needed between movements WOD 15min. AMRAP of: 10 Pull-ups 10 Ring Dips 6 Back Rack Lunge Steps in place (135/95)C&Rx (95/65) 3 Back Squats (Same Bar) 1 Back Jerk (Same Bar)

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Hey! Alea and I just wanted to say thank you to those who came out to the fair today to hang out and help handout brochures. We had a blast! I especially enjoyed all the Fair Food! Thanks Everyone!

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Sorry for the late post guys! We are currently flying over Nevada and was finally able to hook up to WiFi. Tomorrow’s WOD Strength Take 20 min. to establish your 1RM Deadlift. WOD 4 Rounds for time: 8 Shoulder to Overhead (155/105) C (135/95) Rx (115/75) scaled 25 Sit-ups 8 Strict Pull-ups

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Good Evening All!!! We won’t speak about tonight’s workout ever again tonight : ) Great job pushing through that madness. For those who are interested in competing in the Capital Throwdown, we really need to start getting teams put together. There is an Rx and Scaled division. If you want me to put the Rx teams together I will but I need to know everyone that is going first. We only have like 7 names written on the whiteboard at the box. If you are interested I need you to write your name at the box or comment below or do something!! lol tell me scaled or Rx and if you are okay with me putting you on a team. For more info on the event details check out the link: Tomorrow we have CrossFit Kids at 6pm and Specialty class at 7pm. We will be specializing on conditioning movements for the Specialty Class tomorrow. Tomorrow’s WOD Back Squats 7×3 @80 of 1RM WOD 3 Rounds for time: 400m run 12 Turkish Get-ups with barbell (45/35)

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“Ladies Night” will be run like the NPFL. We will run a variation of a match due to time constraints. We will pick teams that night based on how many people show up. We will most likely have two teams. Here is how it works. There will be 5 races total. Each person on each team must participate in each race. Next to each race you will see something like: FF or FFF or FFFF. The letter “F” stands for female and the number of “F’s” let you know how many people can be on the “grid” or field of play at one time. Therefore, you CAN and WILL have to rotate new teammates in and out as the workout progresses. Remember each person must participate in every race. In order to tag a new player in you must run back to the start line and physically tag them in. Once the workout is complete the teammates on the “grid” will run to the finish line. The team to complete the workout and run to the finish line wins. At the end of 5 races the team that won the most wins overall. Race 1: F (This means one female on the gird at one time) 10 Snatches (35#) 20 Single Unders 8 Snatches (55#) 20 Double Unders 6 Snatches (75#) 20 Double Unders 4 Snatches (95#) 20 Double Unders 2 Snatches (105#) 20 Double Unders *6 Minute Time Cap Race 2: FF (This means two females on the gird at one time) 10 Strict HSPU 20 Front Squats (35#) 30 Kipping HSPU 20 Front Squats (65#) 10 Deficit HSPU (one 45lb plate on each side) 20 Front Squats (95#) *10 Minute Time Cap Race 3: FFFF Barbell CAN NOT touch the ground between reps. If it drops everyone has to run back to the start line and then resume where they left off. 40 Hang Cleans (105#) You must move the barbell to the next quadrant after 10 reps. **Don’t worry if you can not move 125# cleans then you can be the person to hold up the barbell.*** *6 Minute Time Cap Race 4: FF 10 Rope Climbs (1 rope per team) 20 T2B 30 Pull-ups 20 Pistols 10 Weighted Pistols (10#) *8 Minute Time Cap Race 5: FFF Row 500m 30 Med Ball V Ups (14#) 30 Synchronized Burpees with all 3 people 30 Synchronized Box Jumps (20”) with all 3 people *8 Minute Time Cap ***Remember: Every person on each team MUST be tagged in for every race. For example a person can hold the bar for race 3 if the weight is too heavy or do less reps but still contribute.*** If you don’t complete the entire race in the time cap, the team that is ahead will win the race. So excited for this one!

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Looks like you all had a blast at the box today!! I missed you all and am really excited to see you guys tomorrow. Let’s keep the good times rolling! *Regional Team Meeting tomorrow night @ 8pm. *Thursday is Ladies Night at the Box @8pm BYOW and Wine Glass Tomorrow’s WOD Strength: Back Squat 1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1 * Try to hit your 1RM on your last set WOD 4 rounds for time: 20 meter Bear Crawl 10 HSPU 50 DU

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New post: WOD 9.12.14

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We at Crossfit Pulse remember the lives that were innocently taken, and honor those who sacrificially…

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Serious dumbbell work in the noon class. Big Props to Mandy with the 5lb DB. #5lbPR #crossfit…

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We are excited to announce that Ice Box Cryotherapy will be sponsoring the CFP QuadSqaud team in the upcoming Pensacola Beach Brawl (Sept 26-28). IceBox is located down Roswell Road. If you're in our competition program and want to set up a recovery session at IceBox let Chris know. #iceboxtherapy #lynxbarbell #barbellapperal

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9/11 Tribute WOD today. Everyone should be here!

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Post "The Chief" WOD!!!

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Thursday, September 11

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Thursday 9.11.14

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Be careful what you believe. Industry paid experts and industry funded studies can lead to some very biased results and perspectives.

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Hey CFW tomorrows post (If the smelly shoe fits ) has been published on CrossFit Woodbridge!! See you at the box!!

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Text CFINTENSE to 95577 to get a FREE WEEK PASS coupon sent directly to your phone. If you're already a member, please help us grow by sharing this post on your wall so your friends can sign up!

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Thursday's WOD Strength: 5 x 1 Hang Snatch Work to a heavy, but perfect single for the day. 3 rounds for time: 20 Wallball 20#/14# 20 Chest to Bar Pull-Ups

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Best RX Scores from Tuesday WOD: Doug J 279 Michael K 277 Andy H 256 Chris C 239 Les K 231 Frank V 230 Elise P 224 Leo O 214 Michael D 208 Mark P 177 WOD: Tabata Intervals - 1M rest between movements-score is rep/round WBS (20/14) V-Ups (Abmat) OH Lunges (45/35) TTB

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4:30 class getting mobile before Weight lifting Wednesday WOD!!!

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If you're feeling a bit like training has become a chore, we thought this article could help recover the joy of training. Good read from Box Life

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OK so you are probably rolling your eyes thinking about the last time someone at a CrossFit gym...
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Must be PR Week at S3... Great Deadlifting today everyone!

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Don't forget about our Olympic Lifting Class tonight at 7 pm! Being a member at Intense not only provides you with a strength and conditioning program, but with specialty certs in Powerlifting and Olympic Lifting, coupled with the experience and results our athletes have seen, Intense is a great place for you to get in shape or to learn the skills needed to lift weights safely and effectively. There's room for you at Intense, and for just $75 for your introductory month, you get the benefit of wonderful coaching, advanced programming, and a community you will fall in love with! Message us to schedule your intro session before our special pricing expires.

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Two weeks before our Nutrition Challenge officially starts!

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Two weeks before our Nutrition Challenge officially starts!

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GAINZ ARE BACK! Protein is in :)

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Last call before Fall Whole 30 kicks off September 17th! Join Amy and Bonny at CFA September 11th, 7:00 pm if you have any questions about this CFA/CFFC challenge! Folks who want to drop off their $25 buy-in are free to come by and do that as well! Note: If you have already attended info sessions for Whole 30 before then this meeting is completely optional. Just email Amy and Bonny that you would like to join! and

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"A foundation of quality food needs to be in place. However, once that’s in, basing your diet on daily macros allows flexibility in what you can add to this base." Oh-oh. What is Jay up to now?

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A strong midline is imperative to hold plank positions. How does Duncan look? _____________________________ #burpee #crossfit #crossfitrva

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S3 Conditioning Thursday 8 Rounds: 10 Box Over Jumps (24/20)(20/16) 10 Wall Balls (20/14)(14/10) 10 Ball Slams (30/20)(20/15) 200 M Run -Rest 1 Minute Between Rounds-

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Happy birthday to Sarah Pomeroy!! Birthday burpees > spinning!!!

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Keep it simple. #crossfit #rkc #intensity #CFTC

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For a limited time: you can join CrossFit Intense and for your first month it's just $75! CrossFit is for anyone, regardless of age or athletic background. We have housewives, retirees, college athletes, business professionals, entrepreneurs, you name it! If you live in Fairmont, chances are someone you know is a member at CrossFit Intense! We are growing daily and would love you to join us. Call to schedule your first class today at 304-380-4792.

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Who enjoyed the 4-min squat test on Tuesday? Come to the Mobility Class tonight at 6 pm to improve your range of motion. #crossfit #mobility #mobilitywod #squattest

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We are a week into our "Everything in Moderation" Nutrition Challenge. The high-fat, low-carb approach is taking some people out of their comfort zones. Not so for Tara, she's posting some gourmet-lookin' pictures on our challenge group page. Whether you're doing the challenge or not, have you tried any new recipes this week? Share them with us! That's what the community is for :) (Thanks to Tara for the photo!)

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Congrats to Jess and Austin as they gave birth to their baby boy this morning!

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tarynhaggerstone published the post CrossFit: What Makes a Good Competition? on
Over the past couple years, the number of people who do CrossFit has gone through the roof, and...
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Wednesday's WOD: 21-15-9 Over the bar Burpees Power Cleans 135/95# Then 50 Sit-Ups 50 Ball Slams

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L-Sit & 3 Rds: Run + Power Snatch: Accumulate 3 mins in L sit/hang/hold Then 3 rounds: 800m run 10 power snatch (165/110)

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paleobutter published the post Paleo Paella on Nutrition WOD
This is a Paleo version of the Valencia style of paella. Adaptions include smoked/ grilled chicken...
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Once you learn how to Pose, fall, and pull you must learn one other crucial piece of running technique: cadence. […]

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